Put currently costs $30 a month to keep online. Donating ensures that the website stays online. Below are some popular crypto currency addresses where Put gladly welcomes donations.

Crypto Address Description
Doge DDveAarT2Hp5t7ScxY9XhkYkPpgFFb1gDE Preferred, To the Moon!
LTC ltc1qf7ry7wczkkv0aqkz2d9v6gn0uf4lphza6dqcnv It just works.
BTC Legacy 36Nh649g4Br2TCS8L4yrqossC1WVqmwepu The classic
BTC Native Segwit bc1qe64fn4kxu9l3vecp2k4el3ypa6epx0smnt3rr8be Lower transaction fees than the classic.